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P908T Flip Mobile Phone, with TV, 2.4inch Rotating Screen, Dual Standby

Model: P908T Availability: In Stock
Origin: Made in China Last Updated: 2009-04-11

Average Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
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This phone will work with GSM network  850/900/1800/1900 MHz.

Please confirm with your carriers or providers before you purchase this item.
You can Click here and SELECT your region to see the NETWORK FREQUENCY for your country.


  • Analog TV
  • Rotating Screen
  • 2.4inch QVGA, 240 x 400 Pixels, 160K.
  • Video: MPEG4 Playing and Video Recording
  • Internal 1.3 mega pixel camera
  • Flip Mobile Phone 
  • Dual SIM dual standby
  • FM Radio
  • Dual Bluetooth v2.0
  • Four-brand


  1. GSM 850/900/DCS1800/1900MHz
  2. Dual GSM SIM CARD, dual standby
  3. Flip phone, Rotating Screen
  4. 2.4inch QVGA, 240 x 400 pixels, 160k
  5. English, Chinese.
  6. 72 chord; Ringtone format: mp3, midi, wav, amr
  7. MP3, MP4, MIDI, WAV, Incoming Ring Tone, Incoming Photo, Incoming movie
  8. MP3 and back-end playback support, Support output to your bluetooth handset, equalizer
  9. FM stereo, support to record at setting time, can play outside with earphone
  10. 3GP/MP4,support to play 3GP/MP4 in full screen
  11. 1.3 mega pixel camera, / video capture, 640x480px
  12. Analog TV
  13. JPG, GIF, MP3, MIDI, WAV, AMR, 3GP, MP4
  14. 1G T-Flash for free, support to extend T-Flash, up to 2G, Document management
  15. USB data cable / USB disk / Bluetooth 2.0
  16. GPRS, WAP2.0
  17. 250  groups, incoming ringtone, group ringtone
  18. 250 short messages storage, supports MMS messages, message group sending
  19. 2 x 1800mAh Standard Batteries
  20. Custom power-on/off picture, can set downloaded MP4 as power-on/off cartoon
  21. 5 groups, set mp3 as alarm clock
  22. 3 common games, NES Games
  23. 120-140 minutes
  24. 100-120 hours
  25. 110*50*20mm
  26. 125G
  27. Coffee
  28. MP3/MP4/SMS group sending/Voice recorder/WAP/Radio/Dual-Bluetooth/GPRS download/MMS/Memory extended/E-book/dual sim dual standby dual bluetooth/calendar/alarm clock/calculator/unit converter/world time/memo/health management


  1. YESWith Universal AC Adaptor
  2. YES2 x Standard Batteries
  3. YESStereo headphones
  4. YES
  5. YES 1G T-Flash
  6. -


  1. 12 Month

Average Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

1 of 5 Stars! by Geme; Sunday 22 November, 2015

HTC Desire d982d8a7d984:d8a3d986d8a7­d8a8d8a7d986d8aad8b8d8a7d8b1d987 d984d983d986­d98ad988d8acd8af d985d8b4d983d984d8a9 d985d8b9d98a­d982d8a8d984 d8b0d984d983 d8a8d986d8b3d8aed8a9 d8a7d984 mini­d983d8a7d986d8aa d8a7d984d8a3d8add8b1d981­d8a7d984d8b9d8b1d8a8d98ad8a9 d8aad8b8d987d8b1­d985d981d8b5d984d8a9 d988 d8bad98ad8b1­d985d988d8b5d988d984d8a9 d985d8b9 d8a8d8b9d8b6d987d8a7 ­d8a8d8a7d984d8b1d8bad985 d985d986 d8a3d986­d8a7d984d985d8aad8b5d981d8ad d8a7d984d8a3d8b5d984d98a­d984d8a7 d98ad988d8acd8af d984d8afd98ad987 d987d8b0d987­d8a7d984d985d8b4d983d984d8a9 d8a8d8b9d8af­d8a7d984d8aad8b9d8b1d98ad8a8 d981d987d984­d8a7d984d985d8b4d983d984d8a9 d985d986­d8a7d984d8aad8b7d8a8d98ad982 d89f d8a7d985 d985d986­d8a7d984d986d8b8d8a7d985 d89f d988 d987d984­d8b3d8aad8b5d984d8ad d986d8b3d8aed8a9 d8a7d984 mobile­d987d8b0d987 d8a7d984d985d8b4d983d984d8a9 d89f

3 of 5 Stars! by Natalija; Saturday 14 November, 2015

an inferior TN panel<a­href=""> cropamed</a>­to Macbook Pro, I did not find a drastic difference between­the two (I also own a 17 Macbook Pro). The Air has slightly­smaller viewing angles and perhaps not as good colour­reproduction, but the differences are subtle. Also, there's­a lot less glare on Air's glossy display<a­href=""> cropamed</a>­to glossy Macbook Pro.- Performance is great, in some cases­it bests the Quad Core i7 17 Macbook Pro, thanks to its SSD­Drive. Startups/shutdowns are super fast and the­applications open/close almost instantly. Having said that,­do not expect to do any serious gaming on this little guy.­The built-in Intel graphics chip has hard time handling even­5 year old games and is actually slower than nVidia chip on­the previous generation Air.- Expect to get about 4-5 hours­of mixed use out of 7 hour battery. That's what I average­while doing some Photoshop and web dev work, browsing,­listening to music and viewing a few video clips.Now, the­negatives Well, it's one negative really, but it is­something I find extremely annoying. The laptop gets VERY­hot when CPU usage approaches 50% and the fan kicks in­full-blast at 6,000+ RPM.I first noticed the excessive noise­when I was transferring my data and applications from the­time machine backup upon initial setup. The fan stayed on­entire time, CPU temperature was approaching 90C while being­only 30% utilized.I continued to experience high heat/fan­noise issues throughout the week. Sometimes it was during­routine web browsing where some of the websites contained­Flash elements. Starting Windows XP in Parallels would­immediately set the fan in motion, again, sometimes hitting­6,000+ rpm. Playing Civilization IV, a fairly old game, had­fan going full blast entire time with CPU again reaching­90C. Apple's own Cosmos screensaver brings the CPU­temperature up to 80-85C and the fan up to 4500-5000rpm. The­most annoying thing none of these tasks were taxing the­CPU at more than 50%!I did a fair bit of research on this­issue. There are multiple discussions on Apple, MacRumours­and other forums about excessive heat and fan noise. Also,­many report increased heat on their older Apple laptops­after upgrading to Lion, so perhaps (fingers crossed),­there's a patch on the way that will improve thermal­management somewhat.The thought about returning the Air for­refund did cross my mind, but I decided to keep it in the­end. I am not a gamer and doing my work (web/mobile­development) is not very taxing on the CPU, however, I do­not think it is unreasonable to expect relatively quiet­operation on such premium laptop with only 50% CPU usage. I­can only hope that Apple is listening and looking to remedy­the problem.***Update: March 28, 2012***It has been several­months since I purchased the Air, so I thought I'd write a­quick update.There were no software updates from Apple that­would fix the overheating issue. Some claim in the comments­that the thermal problems are limited to Macbook Air Core i7­version, however, I got to play with friend's Core i5/120Gb­Air and got the fan hitting 6,000+ rpm simply by opening two­browser tabs with YouTube videos in them. The playback has­become choppy pretty quickly as well. The fan was also­audible on pages with a few Flash elements in it (like­newspaper sites). It seemed slightly (very slightly) less­prone to heat issue, but it's definitely there.I also played­around with an 11 Macbook Air Core i5 at the Apple Store­and, interestingly enough, it handled Flash far better than­(supposedly) more powerful 13 I opened 5! 1080p YouTube­videos and still wouldn't hear the fan Quite amazing­actually. The difference seems to be the i5/i7 processors in­the 13 Air that can hit higher clock speeds but nearly­frying the internals in the process.If you find your Macbook­Air fan going off like a jet engine every time you visit­YouTube or any page with Flash content, here are a couple of­browser plugins that I found helpful (they block movies­until you specifically click on them):- FlashBlock for­Firefox- ClickToFlash for SafariThere's a model refresh­coming sometime this summer, apparently, and I hope Apple­will figure out the way to solve this problem. Of course,­much depends on Intel chips that they're going to use in new­models.

2 of 5 Stars! by Dave; Saturday 14 November, 2015

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5 of 5 Stars! by sid; Sunday 31 August, 2014

How will u parcel I want to buy it

5 of 5 Stars! by farah naaz; Wednesday 06 July, 2011

i wanna buy this phone can you contact me .

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