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Roof mount TFT-LCD monitor 9.2" with 16:9 Display format

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Model: JT-CL-928DT Availability: In Stock
Origin: Made in China Last Updated: 2009-03-11

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With 800(H)*RGB*480(W)=1152000 Pixels and Display format 16:9 is this a special Wholesale Product High Quality and High Performance

  • System:PAL/NTSC Auto switch
  • Video:Dual video input
  • Function: Installed on the automobile ceiling

    China Manufacturer specifications

  • Screen type:TFT LCD
  • Display size:9.2"
  • Display format:16:9
  • Power: About 10W
  • Power supply:DC 12V
  • Video:Dual video input
  • System:PAL/NTSC Auto switch
  • Pixel:800(H)*RGB*480(W)=1152000
  • Function: Installed on the automobile ceiling
  • Blue screen: Video signal disappears, with automatic appearance of blue screen

  • Manufacturer and Origin: China
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