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JK-2208N Outdoor IP high speed dome camera

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Model: JK-2208N Availability: In Stock
Origin: Made in China Last Updated: 2009-04-13

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Support D1, remote/local viewing, remote/local realtime recording, capture picture timely, character superposition, many kinds of recording mode ( realtime, time, all kinds of alarm record, and so on), cycle  recrod, two sides voice communication, Multi-user accessing,the user account protected by three grades password, and support IE viewing and PTZ.Backoffice Management Software Large-scale monitoring platform neutral, neutral monitoring client, network monitoring Web

Operating System:Embedded real-time operating systems (RTOS)
Compression Format:H.264
Resolution:D1(PAL:720*576, NTSC:720*480)
                  CIF(PAL:352*288, NTSC:352*240)
                  QCIF(PAL:176*144, NTSC:176*120)
                  HALF-D1(PAL:720*288, NTSC:720*240)
Display Rate:PAL 25fps,NTSC 30fps
Audio Compression Format:ADPCM
Bit Rate:8Kbps
Alarm Input and Output: 2CH input,2CH output
CCD Sensors:18X ZOOM, f = 4.1 ~ 73.8mm (f1.4 ~ f2.4), digital X magnification 12 / (optional movement)
SNR:More than 48 DB
Field of View:48 degrees (wide) ~ 2.8 degrees (tele)
Level Rotational Angle: Level 360  continuous rotation, vertical 0  -90
Level Rotational Speed: Level 360  / S, 90  vertical / S
Communication Interface:1RJ45 10M/100M Ethernet network,1 RS485
Network Protocol:HTTP TCP UDP
Power Supply:DC 12V,3A
Working Temperature:-10--+50
Working Humidity:10%--90%

5 of 5 Stars! by Luis; Wednesday 25 March, 2015

(Electronics) I bought this unit to <a­href="">realpce</a>­a failed 7 year old Sony RDR GX-300 DVD recorder. After­reading all the comments, I had mixed feelings. Upon­receiving the unit and setting it up, here's what I­found.The Toshiba DR430 DVD Recorder is a solid DVD­recorder. It records and plays all formats you'll ever need­(+R, +RW, -R, -RW, and others I never came across). If­you're over 40, your eyes may have a hard time with the­remote, but some squinting will overcome this. This remote­is like all other black remotes with gray buttons.In regards­to comments that this unit loads and formats disks slowly,­that's a bunch of nonsense. All DVD recorders take a bit of­time, period. Your not playing a store bought movie.You can­record in SP, LP and EP. You'll get different recording­capacities per disk depending on quality wanted. Longer time­= lower quality, less time = higher quality. Just like on­the old VHS VCR recorders. It's a no brainer. You set that­up easily with the RECORD MODE button on the remote. I never­use the timer, I always use the ONE STEP RECORD button. Each­push gives you 30 minutes of recording time, then the­recording stops. Want to record a 90 minute movie off your­Tivo, then press the record button 3 times, its that­simple.Paid $113 with free shipping and had it in 4 days in­good condition. No dents in the box. It isn't repacked in a­larger box though, but I received mine just fine.The video­and audio inputs and outputs are on the back You can use RCA­or S cable. I'm using both and it doesn't care. There an­input on the front, behind a small door, for recording­(downloading) from a camcorder (or any other device).The­manual covers everything, but you have to read it to­understand it. I got going in 15 minutes with the QUICK­START sheet (4 pgs). One important thing to remember, after­you make your recording on a disk, you have to FINALIZE it,­so it will play on other DVD players. Remember to read up on­FINALIZE in the manual, and you should have no problems.The­menus are very basic, especially the TITLE EDIT button, but­simple is good. My earlier Sony DVD recorder took some time­to get familiar with. This one is alot easier. A recommended­buy.

2 of 5 Stars! by Ricko; Tuesday 24 March, 2015

The quick (??) way to do this is to use DVDShrink (free) to­extract the DVD and crmeopss it to standard 4.7GB size.­DVDShrink can create iso images, burn directly to disk (with­Nero present), or output the files to a folder. If you­choose output to a folder you will be able to directly­access the files and structure of the DVD on your hard­drive.Once the files are in a local folder you download­IFOEdit (free). IFOEdit is a very powerful program, which­can alter the entire structure of a DVD. Locate the local­folder. Inside you will find several files with the ifo­extension. Open each of these with IFOEdit. Double click on­each reference to PAL and a window will open. Click NTSC in­the window and then OK. Save the file and repeat.This does­not transcode the video, but tells the DVD player that it is­NTSC and works on every player I've tried. It saves hours of­transcoding time and there is no difference I've been able­to notice in quality.Quick, Dirty, & Effective

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