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Date Added: 12/21/2014
Delete Burglar Alarm Style Disguised Camera With Low Light Capability [JMK-JK-919] US$62.12
Date Added: 12/20/2014
Delete A6000 3.2 inch touch screen, dual SIM, camera, FM, WiFi, GPS, Android 2.2 China mobile phone [A6000] US$128.95
Delete A8000 3.6 inch touch screen, dual SIM, FM, camera, WiFi, A-GPS, Android 2.2 China mobile phone [A8000] US$141.85
Delete A9191 4.3 inch capacitive screen, dual SIM, camera, WiFi, GPS, Android 2.3 China mobile phone [A9191] US$285.13
Delete Android 2.2 OS 4.0 Inch HD Capacitive Muilt-touch Screen GPS WiFi SmartPhone [CPC_GAP_031] US$172.89
Delete Digital Camcorder, 7.0M CCD, 2.5inch LCD, 15X ZOOM, MP3/MP4 player, Up to 2GB [DDV-730] US$223.69
Delete Digital Video Camcorder, 5.0M CMOS,MP3、MP4 player,Support Lyrics Display [LF-DDV-V2] US$201.45
Delete JK-831T Color Video Doorbell, 5.8inch LCD, 1/3 color camera, 420TV lines [JK-831T] US$175.52
Delete JK-832T Color Video Doorbell, 3.5inch TFT LCD, 1/3 color camera [JK-832T] US$158.80
Delete Mini Wired Color Camera (CCD System) [JMK-JK-930CD] US$53.83
Delete Mini Wireless Color Camera + Video Receiver [JMK-WS-809A] US$42.14
Delete MP3 Player 256MB, FM Tuner, Mouse-Like [AOL-B4] US$28.99
Delete Roof mount TFT-LCD monitor 8" with 4:3 Display format [JT-CL-8018ZP] US$120.09
Delete S710F 3.5 inch touch screen, dual SIM, camera, FM, GPS, WiFi, Android 2.2 China mobile phone [S710F] US$160.47
Delete Wired 1/3" 1/4" Color CCD Camera With Adapter CE, 0Lux At Night [JMK-JK-219] US$64.88
Delete Wired Color CCD Camera With Adapter CE, 1/3-inch CCD [JMK.JK-917] US$42.79
Delete WS-009AS pinhole camera, only 16mm,with audio, wireless trans distance:300m-700m [WS-009AS] US$217.31
Sub-Total: US$2,280.89
Total: US$2,280.89
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