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Date Added: 11/29/2015
Delete 2.8'' Touchscreen QWERTY Cellphone with Android 2.2 OS + GPS + WiFi + Analog TV [EPC_GAP_035] US$98.86
Delete Airphone , 3.2inch TFT, with Wifi,Ultra-thin metal body, Quad band, FM, JAVA expansion [Airphone] US$162.15
Delete Android 2.5 Touch Screen Lenovo LePhone with Unit Surface QWERTY Keyboard - Dual [CPCPSP052] US$315.85
Delete Digital Camcorder, 10M Pixel, 2.0inch TFT., 16xDigital Zoom, SD [LF-DDV-C330] US$148.39
Delete H3000 3.5 inch touch screen, dual SIM, camera, TV, WiFi, Java, Android 2.2 China mobile phone [H3000] US$177.19
Delete JK-2208N Outdoor IP high speed dome camera [JK-2208N] US$1,170.12
Delete S710F 3.5 inch touch screen, dual SIM, camera, FM, GPS, WiFi, Android 2.2 China mobile phone [S710F] US$160.47
Delete Star Slim 4.1" Android Phone 2.2 Quad Band Dual SIM AS7000 [ECTA0026] US$122.97
Delete Wired 1/4" Color CCD Camera With Adapter CE [JMK-JK-402] US$62.12
Delete Wired 1/4" Color CCD Camera With Adapter CE, 0LUX F:1.2 [JMK-JK-212D] US$45.55
Delete WS-207AS Wireless Color CCD Camera [WS-207AS] US$133.73
Delete WS-2400 Wireless Audio & Video Transmitter, 700mW, Distance 300-500m [WS-2400] US$220.65
Date Added: 11/28/2015
Delete A8 Phone Quad Band Dual Cards Dual Standby Dual Cameras WIFI Analog TV Bluetooth Android 2.2 OS 3.6-inch Resistive Touch Screen Phone - Red [Android-A8] US$104.44
Delete A1000+ 4.0 inch touch screen, dual SIM, TV, A-GPS, WiFi, camera, Android 2.2 China mobile phone [A1000+] US$193.74
Delete Keyboard [JMK-JKB-001] US$218.09
Delete Mini Wired Color Camera (CCD System) [JMK-JK-930CD] US$53.83
Delete N930 Cell Phone Quad Band Dual Cards Dual Cameras Bluetooth Java 3.2 - inch Touch Screen China Phone - White [N930] US$105.35
Delete WG1107 7 inch touch screen, 3G, GSM, dual SIM, TV, camera, GPS, Android 2.3 China mobile phone [WG1107] US$242.62
Sub-Total: US$3,736.11
Total: US$3,736.11
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