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Date Added: 10/05/2015
Delete 1 DIN In-dash 7inch color 16:9 TFT monitor with TV [DS-708] US$123.70
Delete 3G Android 2.2 OS 3.5 Inch Capacitive Muilt-touch Screen GPS SmartPhone [CPC_GAP_034] US$173.85
Delete 4-CH Wireless Multi-Function Color Audio Camera+A/V Receiver [JMK-WS868AS4] US$168.40
Delete 4-CH Wirelress Color CMOS Camera Set [JMK-WS-911-4] US$183.59
Delete 4.3 Inch Quad Band Dual SIM Star D2000 WiFi and GPS Mobile Phone [CPC_WFP_006] US$140.10
Delete A7272 3.5 inch touch screen, dual SIM, camera, FM, WiFi, GPS, Android 2.2 China mobile phone [A7272] US$164.29
Delete B1000 3.5 inch touch screen, dual SIM, TV, A-GPS, WiFi, Java, Android 2.2 China mobile phone [B1000] US$114.62
Delete Cheap 3.2" Mini Mycus M6000 Android 2.3 Touch Dual SIM Smart Phone (WiFi, TV) [ECTA0041] US$96.79
Delete Digital Camcorder, 12MP Enhanced Resolution,MP3、MP4 player,Electronic Games [LF-DDV-5120] US$290.98
Delete Digital Video Camcorder, 5.0M CMOS,MP3、MP4 player,PC Camera,Video Recorder [LF-DDV-M1] US$205.92
Delete F603 2.8 inch touch screen, dual SIM, 2 cameras, TV, GPS, WiFi, Android China mobile phone [F603] US$113.51
Delete IP-008CS IP Camera, Surveillance by Mobile Phone [IP-008CS] US$183.88
Delete S710F 3.5 inch touch screen, dual SIM, camera, FM, GPS, WiFi, Android 2.2 China mobile phone [S710F] US$160.47
Delete SHARP CCD Camera With Adapter CE [JMK-JK-117] US$55.21
Delete Star Slim 4.1" Android Phone 2.2 Quad Band Dual SIM AS7000 [ECTA0026] US$122.97
Delete TL-701 7inch in dash automatic monitor, built-in 3 channels AV, TV [TL-701] US$123.70
Delete Wired 1/3" CCD Camera with Adapter CE, IR Distance: 34M [JMK-JK-217SD] US$62.12
Delete Wired 1/3" Color CCD Camera With Adapter CE, 480TV Line [JMK-JK-504] US$197.52
Delete Wireless Receiver and Transmitter with Remote Control, 100m Open [LYDRC420A802] US$138.03
Sub-Total: US$2,819.65
Total: US$2,819.65
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