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Date Added: 10/25/2014
Delete 2.8'' Touchscreen QWERTY Cellphone with Android 2.2 OS + GPS + WiFi + Analog TV [EPC_GAP_035] US$98.86
Delete A7272+ 3.5 inch touch screen, dual SIM, 2 cameras, GPS, FM, WiFi, Android China mobile phone [A7272+] US$180.21
Delete Android 2.2 4.0 Inch Capacitive Touchscreen Phone with GPS + Analog TV + WiFi [CPC_GAP_033] US$150.13
Delete CCTV Receivers with 500mW Transmission Power [LYDRC820A812] US$251.22
Delete Digital Camcorder, 8.0M CMOS, 3.0inch LCD, 16X ZOOM, MP3/MP4 player, Up to 8GB [DVH-592] US$155.46
Delete Four-Frequency Auto Receiver with Picture and Sound Signal, 100M [LYDRC410A203] US$114.57
Delete H4000 4.3 inch touch screen, dual SIM, camera, TV, FM, WiFi, Android 2.2 China mobile phone [H4000] US$195.50
Delete IP-006CS IP Camera, Surveillance by Mobile Phone [IP-006CS] US$183.88
Delete MP3 Player 256MB, FM Tuner, USB 2.0 Version [AOL-B2] US$27.61
Delete R200 Titanium body mobile phone, 2.0inch, Bluetooth,JAVA,HD Camera [R200] US$162.15
Delete Roof-Mounted TFT-LCD Monitor 8-inch, with DVD Player, Sharp CMOS [XDX-P721] US$273.30
Delete S710F 3.5 inch touch screen, dual SIM, camera, FM, GPS, WiFi, Android 2.2 China mobile phone [S710F] US$160.47
Delete T8698 3.2 inch touch screen, dual SIM, camera, WiFi, bluetooth, Android 2.2 China mobile phone [T8698] US$412.42
Delete W802 3.5 inch capacitive screen, WCDMA, camera, FM, GPS, WiFi, Android China mobile phone [W802] US$184.67
Delete Wireless Camera Video Receiver [JMK-WZ-2000Y] US$26.81
Delete WS-2400 Wireless Audio & Video Transmitter, 700mW, Distance 300-500m [WS-2400] US$220.65
Sub-Total: US$2,797.90
Total: US$2,797.90
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